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A home appraisal can provide for informed financial decisions, whether investing, buying or selling, settling a family estate or immigration. An appraisal done by a seasoned licensed professional can be invaluable.

I have done extensive lending work including: FHA, VA, private and hard money financial transactions. In the private sector, I have focused on: off-grid, green building construction, adaptive housing, plans & specs and manufactured homes, 55+ communities, luxury, and waterfront homes.

As a 3rd generation appraiser, following my father and grandfather’s career path, I have over 30 years of licensed experience in 4 states.

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Expert Analysis

Using the latest technology both in the field and at the desk, I gather and research data based on your specific property details. With this information I can provide a professional analysis of your real estate.

Unbiased Reporting

Real Property Appraiser compliance with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) standards, Licensing requirements and continuing education. Appraisals are preformed without bias or predetermined results.

Swift Turnaround

From initiation of appraisal requests to delivery of the appraisal report, the process generally takes 1-2 weeks. In a time crunch? In most cases, I can expedite completion of the appraisal (additional fee's may be added for Rush Jobs).

Cost Effective

For the minimal cost of an appraisal as it compares to the value and equity in real estate, it is an invaluable investment to manage your financial needs. I have competitive pricing for private and lending-bulk work assignments. Give me a call to discuss your specific needs for pricing details.

Mission: Full Transparency!

To create and maintain an appraisal experience that is professional, unbiased, easy, timely, and cost-effective.

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