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How All Rhodes Appraisals Helps

Appraisals are a necessary product that helps people determine the value of their real estate for a myriad of reasons. Whether for your personal transactions or business lending and estate work, your knowledge is power. I can provide you with a custom product to meet your specific needs and situation. So you can have the piece of mind that you are receiving quality work in a timely manner for an affordable price.

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Save Time

After all, in moving markets time is money! In providing your appraisal in a timely manner and meeting your deadline needs, you can move forward with your appraisal easily and quickly.

Save Money

Cost: the investment to get an appraisal can be invaluable to making your largest financial decisions, getting through the estate probate process, lending, selling, listing and more. I offer competitive pricing for a professional report completed with 32 years of experience.

Gain Insight

With the knowledge of an informed appraisal you can make even the largest of financial decisions to maximize your portfolio or navigate changes in your life situation.

Property Appraisal Types


Estate Date of Death

Let me help you through the estate process after loosing a loved one. I also work directly with estate attorneys who can act as a liaison for the estate and create a seamless easy process during what can be a difficult and stressful time.



I work with lenders on various platforms including Mercury Network, Appraisal Firewall, Clearbox and more.  If I am not on the platform you use, I can quickly register for online ordering, payment and delivery of a variety of appraisal products.  



Ever wonder what your home would be worth if you update a kitchen or bath?  No matter what the remodel job you have planned, an appraisal can be made “as if” improved so you can know what the bottom line is after a remodel of any size!



Marketing might include making a decision to sell or stay put!  A pre-listing appraisal can give you valuable insight for determining your next step.  

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New construction starts with land, plans and specifications, permits and more. This can help with a self financed project or a lending construction to permanent loan process.



When you just need to know! A home is typically the largest investment for most people. Maybe you are looking to reorganize your finances, a future move or just curiosity. An appraisal is an affordable way to gain information on your financial portfolio for peace of mind and future decision making goals or plans.



Appraisals for Immigration requirements available in a timely manner to meet your deadlines for filing financials.

Take the first step towards an appraisal that is easy, timely and cost-effective.

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